esca cambridge exam registration

ESCA School Wanderers offers examination registration services for private candidates wishing to write their IGCSE/AS/A Level Cambridge examinations. Private candidates are responsible for selecting the right syllabus and component codes for the subjects they want to register for, when making entries. ESCA only offers examinations in languages with speaking examination components, provided that we have a qualified examiner available to run the oral components. ESCA also offers workshops (examination preparation/ Science practical/ French speaking practical etc.).


Please contact tsiri@esca.org.za to find out more about these services. 

Fee Structure

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Normal registration is open until Friday 29 July, 2022.

Late penalty fees will apply for any changes required or any applications submitted after the above deadline. Entries will only be sent to Cambridge to be processed once the full registration fees have been paid. If the candidate requires special arrangements (extra time/ scribe etc.), evidence (no older than four years) from a suitable professional, to serve as proof of any special arrangement required must be submitted with the application. Evidence must be signed and dated by, as well as include details of the qualification of the aforementioned processional. Cambridge requires an application for a special arrangement to  be completed prior to each examination session. These services incur additional charges (see admin fees above).

Steps to apply

Step 1:

Before you begin the application process, kindly ensure that you have the following documents saved in PDF-Format and ready to upload onto ESCA’s application form: 

  • ID-size photo of applicant

  • ID/passport copy of applicant

  • ID/passport copy of applicant’s parent/guardian

  • Access arrangement evidence (if requested)

Step 2:

Access or print out the ESCA Guide to Making Cambridge Exam Entries - October/November 2022 to choose your subjects and option codes.



Step 3:

Complete the ESCA Private Candidate Cambridge Exam Registration Form October/November 2022 to apply and ESCA will be in contact regarding the steps forward.

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more information

All invoiced payments must be made by the final registration deadline Thursday, 30 June. Please make sure to complete and submit the form well in advance to allow some time for the invoicing process. Private candidates are responsible for selecting the right syllabus and component codes for the subjects they want to register for, when making entries. ESCA offers an academic consultation service, at an additional charge, with our Cambridge Examination Officer who can advise you on the best exam codes and options for your child. Please contact examinations@esca.org.za if you wish to book a consultation. Candidates will receive their statement of Entry, which includes the necessary information relating to their examination schedule approximately 3 weeks after registration.

If you have any other queries, please contact examinations@esca.org.za