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The brand new ESCA Digital eXperience is here!

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

‘’Education is the way to move mountains, to build bridges, to change the world. Education is the path to the future. I believe that education is indeed freedom.’’ - Oprah Winfrey

Education is constantly evolving, learning techniques are constantly changing and life continues to deal us a hand face down.

It is important to keep up, be one step ahead of education's evolution and always ensure that the future generations have the opportunity to learn, so when we view our hand we are prepared.

Welcome To The ESCA Digital eXperience:

We deliver a blended approach to the digital delivery of schooling incorporating the online and virtual realities of the day, while striking a balance with the essential guidance, connection and networking requirement between teachers, students and peers. We ensure that our students are always supported and have an answer to their questions any time of the school day. Ms. Zanele Damane, our ESCA-DX programme coordinator and student advisor is always on hand to ensure that the required support is always delivered.

The fundamental relationship at the core of our model is the one between student and teacher. We do not seek to replace the value of the classroom, but rather to extend it beyond the boundaries of bricks and mortar.


ESCA-DX is still very much a part of our main ESCA campus as the Digital eXperience and main campus students are part of the same Google Classroom This has been incredibly helpful in ensuring that the students, teachers and facilitators keep the ESCA community united and strong. While ESCA-DX allows students the freedom to work remotely, our DX-students are still able to enjoy the benefits which come with being a member of the school; including optional participation and involvement in school activities such as sports days, the Matric Dance, social events, prize-giving, etc., as well as being eligible for academic and sports colours.

The ESCA Community:

The ESCA community is not only limited to South Africa, as Digital eXperience students from around the world can attend a digital school with options for international curricula. Students are afforded the opportunity to differentiate and augment their learning with access to skills and learning opportunities which will prepare future generations to face the demands of the fourth, and even the fifth, industrial revolutions.

Once restrictions are lifted, students will have access to, and the option of, attending and working from the open learning centre situated at our Planet Fitness Wanderers campus - a stimulating and supervised environment which has been set up to meet the learning requirements of independent studies.

Week One:

As the first official week of the ESCA Digital eXperience comes to end we are happy to say, our students are in full swing of learning, assimilating well to the online platform and most importantly, they are excited to learn!

Education is the way to move mountains, and team ESCA will ensure that the future generation always has the knowledge, through any circumstances life may bring, to move those mountains!

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