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Welcome everyone

At our annual prize giving last year, we announced our 2020 vision and the many plans we had for the year ahead.

Then the reality of 2020 hit us…

What a year! 2020 has indeed been full of challenges, adversity, and - against all the odds - significant growth.

COVID-19 forced us to be nimble and many of our plans fell to the wayside. Our dedicated teaching staff, and committed students and parents, ramped up quickly to adjust to remote learning. Together everyone faced the immediate implementation and activation of a radically adjusted G-Suite for Education implementation strategy, and behind the scenes we all donned their problem-solver hats and kept the wheels of progress in motion.

We are also blessed to have had unprecedented growth as a school, and the opportunity to adjust and refocus our plans for the future of ESCA, all in the midst (and mists) of a pandemic.

2021 will see us launch our new remote curriculum delivery option for 2021 called ESCA-DX. You can find out more about ESCA’s Digital eXperience here.

And today, after many hours of additional effort and hard work from our dedicated team, we are also incredibly excited to formally welcome you to ESCA’s new website!

Kind regards


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